Know about How to Delete All Multiple Post in a Single Click in Blogger, Yes if you want to delete a multiple blogger post you have don’t want to delete only by one here is the best way to delete all post in a single click and you can save your time with this option.

When you want to delete some multiple post in a single time, you can go with this method because it will make your work quicker. You do not want to do one boy one because there is an option in Google blogger to delete multiple post as a single time.

If you save your future project in a draft post menu and if you do not want them to purplish, you can use this option. Just go to your post list and select all post into draft list then you can delete all post with a single click just follow this step to do that.

Delete All Multiple Post in a Single Click in Blogger


1. Login to your blogger.

2. In addition, select your blog.

3. Go to posts menu.

4. Now you can get the post list.

5. Just do this option to delete all post in a single time.



That is now you can get the menu like ” Are you sure you want to delete all selected posts?” Just click OK.

Now your selected post has been deleted from your blogger.