Explain The Best Right Way to Do Premium Theme Free Download

Explain The Best Right Way to Do Premium Theme Free Download, Here you can get all premium theme with your own website revenue, yes it is real and right way to but online premium theme with your website.

If you have minimum traffic website it is ok for this option, just follow this step to download premium themes and codes at free of cost.

Here for example I take theme forest website witch has lot of multi type of wordpress website premium themes design.

1. Go to This link and Create New Account with Theme Forest.



2. Now Click Create New account with your new website information.

3. After creating a new account you can login to affiliate program now download the theme forest and including other site banner and apply those banner on your website.

4. After one month your theme forest Envato Account will Earn Some Money.

5. That will helps to buy new theme for your wordpress blog.

We can do this before getting AdSense approve and while we doing our blog development.


More about Affiliate Program.

Many site are providing this type of affiliate program so we can earn money with referring someone to that site. When they make any response and sale on those sites, they will give us some percentage of share from the sale.

However, here I recommend you to go with theme forest Envato Account to earn real money.